Thursday, 20 March 2014

The journey from KL to Marrakesh by land (well most of it anyways) - The Introduction

Al Imam Al Shafie:

Leave your country in search of loftiness,
And travel. For in travel are five benefits,
Relief of adversity and earning of livelihood,
And knowledge and etiquettes and noble companionship.

And now it has come to the day that we will be starting our journey leaving behind our family, friends, careers for this short period of time as we embark from Malaysia to Morocco through Indo-China, Trans-Mongolia, Trans Siberia, through Europe to the northern country in the African continent.  

Planning has been immense, starting from some boyhood dream watching the Trans Siberian Express movie and really starting making the plans 3-4 years back, waiting for our finances to buck up. And now the time has finally come, we would be embarking on this marvelous and culturally rich journey going to places such as Vientienne, Ulan Bator, Irkutsk, Moscow, Prague, Marrakesh, Istanbul, etc. A total of 21 stopovers along for the ride. 

Please sit back and I would try to update as much as I can along the way. Just keep us in your prayers and hope that all turns out well. I will be sharing my itinerary and how did we plan for this moment of epicness.

The overview of our trip:

Till then. 


  1. Wow! Would be looking forward to reading about this trip! All the best!

  2. This will be interesting...can't wait to read your entry on this trip...